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MAXPRO company produces an electrical equipment for industry machines, automation, electrical services and others. MAXPRO is also able to make machine prototype including his mechanical parts, electrical equipment and driving equipment. Currently we work with MAXPRO on following activities:

- software development and delivery, IT supportu
- search for new business opportunities on the market


- Visualization software
- Developed for automation but can be used in any other area
- Developed by PM-Technology
- Brings new opportunities in visualization (flexible in use)
- Doesn’t need programmer for changes.

This software is result of cooperation in one big contract for sewage treatment plant, where it was first used for process visualization. We continue in development of this product.


The target was to start new business in Audio-Video production and preparation of multimedia content. This project was stopped in 2010 due to negative business case.

PM-Technology podporuje:

MAXPRO s.r.o.