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Project management

- International projects
- Business enhancement
- Outsourcing of proj. man.

International projects

Probably each company on the market would like to enhance its business locally or in international environment. But not each company has the right resources and contacts for such expansion.

We offer cooperation in your corporate expansion not only in CZ. This service can be also perceived as „Project management outsourcing“

The advantage of external project management is in cost optimization. It is not needed to hire new employees for the expansion it self in case the benefit is not secured from the beginning. Also in case of one time project is better to hire „one time people“.

Business enhancement

Each manager can come to the moment, when he needs to decide whether to enhance or not his business or rather keep the current business and invest in other projects.

In case of expansion it can happen that he has not enough resources to start new business or enhance production.

In this case we offer external help. We become part of your team for specific period and we will help you to drive the expansion.

The advantage is that after such expansion you have no redundant employee, you need to pay and find a job for them.

In similar way we can help to rescue or revitalize your company.

Outsourcing proj. man.

Outsourcing of project management is a standard service for mature companies. For younger companies it can be problematic to accept such service. In any case outsourcing of project management can find its benefit when:

= a corporate is starting systematic project management
= a corporate doesn’t have enough project managers
= a corporate gets unexpected contract and not enough people for realization

We offer project management according to PMI ® recommendation, but we support project management applied in appropriate form according to your needs.

We solve initiation phase of project, realization (like design, development etc.), we negotiate with subcontractors, prepare all contracts etc. We also solve post launch/production activities or issues.